Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas each and everyone!



Have a great day. Whatever you are doing.

Disaster! But I got my money back...

My writing this month has been a total disaster! It's pretty obvious to anyone who reads my attempts at poetry that I clearly don't have the talent for it. But that hasn't stopped me from keep trying all month long. I've attempted to do Red October as an epic poem. It started quite well but I got stuck where I always get stuck. Trying to move Jodie Summers from one location to the next.

Any kind of movement is proving tough to write in verse. I probably should do more reading. But I can't be bothered. Which is why I fail so much. I'm too lazy. I need to get my arse into gear in the new year and do more reading. I have loads of books that I haven't read yet. Many of them I purchased quite recently. I spent another £42 on Amazon on buying improving lyrics/song-writing because I thought I wanted to do a musical. I had lots of great fantasies about it (and still do). I still have the load of poetry books that I brought that I still haven't go around to reading not mention plays as well which I half-started.

I'll keep plugging at it for sure. I don't intend to give up just yet. There's nothing else I want to write at the moment. I have thought about going back to comics and had some interesting fantasies about them but they burn out after a few hours and I back to thinking about being a poet. I'll have to try harder at poetry than at any other medium. It's bloody tough. I can't do this half-arsed like I usually do. I need to really put the effort in. That in itself is hard too. I've become so lazy that it going to take a miracle for me to snap out of it. But I have to force myself. Another year is nearly over and I only finished two plays. A total disaster.

I honestly thought 2008 would be MY YEAR. But it hasn't turned out to be that way. I was plagued by indecisiveness and poor concentration. I'm still indecisive but the concentration has got slightly better although I can't write poetry for more than an hour. So it's slipping again. The only person who can get me famous/successful is ME! I have to try much, much, much harder next year and throughout the remainder of this year. Time is running out for me. I can start by doing more reading. I need to set aside specific times for reading. And STICK TO IT!!!

I got my money back which was stolen from me. It turned out to be more than I thought. They nicked £630 from me through card skimming. I've spent most of that now. Unfortunately. I've down to a mere £472. It'll probably to continue to get lower. I fear I may run out of money sometime next year if I don't cut back on my spending habits. I became ill on Thursday with a sickness bug. I felt terrible. But it's cleared now just in time for christmas.


Monday, 1 December 2008

I've been robbed!!

Some bastards have cleared my account out. They've nicked £450. I'm left with nothing. I'm flat broke. I can't afford food or cigarettes or anything. They did it by card skimming. The bastards. I had no idea until it was too late. That just one of the many things that have gone wrong for me. I can't seem to write poetry. I just suck so much. Everything I write is total crap. I tried going back to comics but couldn't focus or concentrate properly. I don't fancy writing another play though.

I really, really, want to write poetry but I just lack the necessary talent. I seem to be completely talentless at everything. I'm terrible at art, science, math, writing, sport, computers, business, languages etc. There's nothing I seem to be good at. At all. I am devoid of all forms of talent. I'm never going to get anywhere. Ever. Everything always goes wrong.

All I have left is my faith in God. I know he'll help me through this. If only I were a better christian. I always blaspheme, and lie. I'm selfish and greedy too. I'm a horrible person. I don't deserve to live. But I have no method available to kill myself. I'm trapped in this dead end life forever.

Please kill me. Somebody. Anybody. Kill me.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Trying to write poetry

I've spent this last week or so since finishing my play trying to write poetry. But I suck at it. I've been doing some reading too. But nothing really makes sense. I just can't seem to grasp meter. I sent off my Fade To Black play to the Bush Theatre. I also sent off some old poems I found to Agenda magazine. They'll both be rejected. Both are shit. I've been trying to write Public Enemy as an epic narrative poem. But I keep fucking it up. It seems to crap and poor. I've got some rhyming in it but I'm being worked into a corner because of it. I need to do more reading.

I might just do single poems instead for the time being and leave the epic poem until I've had some stuff published and gained more confidence. Which means it'll never be written. I could always do it as another play but I really fancy poetry. Even though I suck. I have no talent. It's pretty obvious if you read any of my work. I understand metaphor, smilie, imagery etc but it's just meter I can't get my head round. I've been reading several different books and I still don't get it.

I was thinking of trying to write to a set rhythm to see if that worked. If I can get some sort of musical beat to it when read and avoid rhyme where possible I should be OK. Shouldn't I? I don't know. I'll have to try and report back.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Fade To Black Play Finished!!

I finished something!


More later.

It's 85 pages long. My longest play I have ever written. Although, it is only my third.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It's been a few days. I can't be bothered to update very day. I don't have much to say. I've had good writing sessions this week. I managed 6 pages each on Saturday and Sunday. I didn't write Monday as I got stuck and couldn't think of the solution to the scene I was trying to write. But I worked it out and Tuesday I managed an amazing 10 pages! It was incredible! Wednesday didn't go so well. I managed 5 pages. But I wrote an awkward scene that I'm thinking of deleting. The dialogue for it is terrible. The character I added were awful too. So I'll most likely end up removing that odd page. It really brings the play down. Tonight I managed another incredible session with 9 pages written. My Fade To Black play is now at 70 pages. I think I might manage 90 at this rate! It would be my longest ever play! Admittedly, I've only written 2 others. But they were 55 pages and 60 pages respectably.

My sleep has been generally good too. I couldn't sleep Tuesday so I had to take another sleeping pill. But it didn't stop me from writing (thankfully). I've been spending money again after visiting Amazon. I brought Sieben; a triple CD album by Agonoize. That should arrive tomorrow. I also brought Marlowe: The complete plays. I also got The Complete Dramatic works of Samuel Beckett, and the collected poems of William Wordsworth. That was on Friday night. Then last night I brought two Tech N9ne albums. £8 and £9 each. They are; Ever-ready, and Killer. I quite pleased. It's been a good week with the odd exception.

My Social Work Gavin came again today. It was a bit awkward at first. I was meant to do some homework by listing 5 problems and coming up with a solution for them. But I couldn't be bothered to do it. But he kept asking me why. So I sat in silence for ten minutes looking at the floor. But I warmed up and it went OK from that point onwards.

That's it really. Nothing more for me to say.


Come again soon.

Friday, 7 November 2008

An update

I haven't posted for a few days. I just couldn't be bothered. But things are going well. I've had good sleeps and good writing sessions since my last post. I also have a new social worker called Gavin Palmer. He's a little direct. He wants me to have a more fulfilling life than I have now. Which I suppose is a good thing. But I guess I like my life. It's not perfect. I hardly ever go outside. I don't have any friends. Never had a girlfriend. But I do enjoy myself. Admittedly, I get depressed at times. And wish I was dead. But that only happens when my writing goes bad. I'm still hoping that my writing pays off and success and fortune comes my way. Then maybe I'll consider going out more etc.

I feel everything that normal people have will follow once I get successful. That's how I envision it in my head. Gavin's a nice bloke. But I worry about the what he'll try and get me to do. I don't know if I even want to go out. Not at the moment. I'm quite contended. I know he can't force me. So I am always in control. But I succumb to nagging. If he nags me enough then I will probably do what he wants. And that scares me. I suffer from anxiety alot. So it's going to be tough going from now. I just hope I can pull through.

As I mentioned, Fade To Black play is going quite well. I'm up to 33 pages. I'm worried about the dialogue. It seems a bit weak. I don't know if it fits Jodie's character or not. I do struggle with dialogue. I should probably read that book I brought on it. But I haven't as of yet. I don't know if it's going to be performed/published or not. I hope it is. The year is nearly at an end and I have only finished 1 play which was Killing In The Name. That got rejected because it was crap. I'm still worried someone will steal the name Jodie Summers. I need desperately to get something else finished and hopefully published or performed. But I don't know if Fade To Black is the one to make it happen. I enjoy writing it and everything but I'm worried it's crap. I fear it is crap. Am I a terrible writer? Am I a hack? Will I ever get published? Successful?

My whole life depends on it. I can't stand this lack of success anymore. I WANT TO BE PUBLISHED!!